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March 24, 2017

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IN PHOTOS: Manila Fashion Festival Days 1 & 2


The Manila Fashion Festival​ just gets better and better with each day of new collections and designers taking over the runway. Check out this gallery of some of the looks and creative visions brought to life by the country’s top and emerging designers in one of Manila’s biggest and most awaited fashion events.



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(A collection that gives the vibe of a vacation in the South of France on a warm, summer day)

Cheetah Rivera


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(The designer created simple but dynamic pieces with clean lines and silhouettes, focusing on proportions)

Jaz Cerezo


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(This collection is a modern take on the female silhouette, 70s style. The designer features the club scene fashion during this time — utterly glamorous and alluring)

Pablo Cabahug


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(For the designer, these looks interpret the madness and inner workings of the human mind in the form of grotesque and sharp fabrics)

Veejay Floresca


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(With the enchanting world of fairies and goddesses as the inspiration, the collection consists of evening dresses in tulle, chiffon, taffeta and lace with elegant embellishments)

CJ Martin


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(Suggestive of the film Fight Club, the collection explores the world of insomniacs expressed in contrasts of complex yet relaxed, and tough yet fragile looks)



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(The looks of this designers pieces evoke a fleeting feeling through dreamy couture and lightweight fabrics)

Mae Anne



(For this collection, the contrasting combination aspires to break the distinction between genders through tailored wears)



(Challenged by the rise of high fashion streetwear, the looks are the designer’s version of dressing up by dressing down with elegance)




(Creating silhouettes showered with artful prints and color, this collection makes a statement by bringing electrifying cuts and curves on the runway)

Martin Bautista



(Inspired by the colors, strokes and imagery of the galaxy on children’s books, this designer transports us to when he was younger through a collection inspired by the elements he says he used to be obsessed with)

Brit Tripudio



(Influenced by the designer’s travels and the playful mix of the “I will wear what I want to wear” attitude of the Japanese, the collection explores punk and faux pas style of the Tokyo fashion culture)

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