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May 4, 2017

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Summer in a glass: Three summer cocktails you can make


Summer’s reached its peak and that means poolside parties, beach barbecues and outdoor picnics are aplenty! Level up your summer feasts with three of these DrinkManila cocktail recipes that are as bright and sunny as the season and easy — and fun! — to make.



This smells like a fruity dessert, starts off citrusy and rolls into sweet, ending in an amaretto finish. Its coconut rum makes you feel like your drinking this by the beach.

Tado Ka


Fruity with a hint of bitterness, this deeply hued cocktail ushers in the summer.

Rumma Dumdam


The name of this drink is fun to say and feels like a tongue twister. Try saying it three times in row, quickly. This drink smells citrusy, and has a hint of ginger and a tart, spicy and fizzy finish.

For the complete ingredients list and step by step recipes of these delicious summer cocktails, visit 

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