September 22, 2017

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Power to the flower: Keds & Rifle Paper Co. release a new sneaker collection!

The plain material of a sneaker is the perfect canvass for wearable art — which is precisely what Keds made with their newest collection!


The well-loved sneaker company has teamed up with stationary and lifestyle brand Rifle Paper Co. for a new limited edition series. The Keds x Rifle Paper Co. Collection elevates the casual shoe by combining Keds’ iconic silhouettes and Rifle Paper Co.’s intricate designs. The four pairs exude modern elegance with their illustrated floral patterns, canvass fields, sleek outlines and gold-tipped white laces.



Champion Herb Garden Embroidery

Classics collide! Rifle Paper Co.’s classic herb garden print is embroidered on to Keds’ white Champion silhouette sneaker. The embroidery gives this shoe eye-catching color and texture to its design, and the floral print complements the sleek, feminine profile of the shoe.



Triple Decker Birch

No doubt the boldest sneaker in this collection, the Triple Decker Birch features a whimsical floral print on an orange canvass, as well as a one-inch platform for added height and a slip-on wear. Bright and warm, it gives any outfit a much-welcomed burst of color!



Kickstart Queen Anne Foil and Champion Queen Anne Foil

The dainty design of the Queen Anne is given royal treatment on both the Champion and Kickstart sneakers with a metallic gold foil finish. The Kickstart sneaker, with the gold print on a light canvass, is all about subtle elegance. The Champion sneaker, on the other hand, is louder (but by no means any less elegant) thanks to the contrasting dark canvass and light print.



This new collection marks the second partnership between these two female-led and female-focused brands. Keds has been providing women with accessible and fashionable footwear for over 100 years. Rifle Paper Co. was founded by entrepreneur Anna Bond as a small stationary company, but later expanded into an international lifestyle brand under her leadership. The Keds X Rifle Paper Co. team-up aims to be a new platform for female empowerment, which is a key element of the shoe brand’s philosophy.

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