December 14, 2017

Posted by Isabella

How to: Regalo Ng Tatlong Hari cocktails with DrinkManila

The Three Kings may have started the tradition of gift-giving, but DrinkManila is changing the game, as they gift the Internet with three awesome holiday cocktail recipes by Liquido Maestro Kalel Demetrio.

Mira ni Baltazar

This cocktail was inspired by the Philippines’s favorite Christmas rice cake: the puto bumbong.

Insenso ni Gaspar

Kalel takes his cue from local l seasonal fruits for some fruity and floral notes. In a nod to the Gaspar’s gift of incense, the drink is smoked in an enclosed glass with apple chip wood, kalingag bark and dried flowers.

Ginto ni Melchor

Melchor had arguably the most luxurious of the gifts, so why not use the most indulgent ingredient, aka chocolate, in this recipe?

For more recipes like this, visit drinkmanila.com.

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