Manny V. Pangilinan, chair and CEO of PLDT and Smart, and the rest of his team during the MVP Rewards Card's launch at Makati Shangri-La

February 6, 2018

Posted by Alex Vergara

The rewards card for all seasons

Manny V. Pangilinan, chair and CEO of PLDT and Smart, and the rest of his team during the MVP Rewards Card's launch at Makati Shangri-La

Manny V. Pangilinan, chair and CEO of PLDT and Smart, and the rest of his team during the MVP Rewards Card’s launch at Makati Shangri-La

It’s a known fact that Filipinos love rewards and freebies. According to one particular study, Filipinos carry as many as 11 rewards cards in their wallets or purses. But with the recent launch of PLDT Group’s MVP (Most Valuable Partner) Rewards Card, you don’t have to carry as many cards as before.

Powered by PayMaya, MVP Rewards Card doubles as a prepaid card, which allows PLDT Home, Smart, Sun and Talk ‘N Text (TNT) subscribers to quickly and conveniently pay their monthly bills whenever and wherever. Users can load up at all Union Bank, Seven-Eleven, Mini-Stop, Robinson’s and SM Business Center branches.

In the absence of a physical card, MVP Rewards can also be downloaded as an app, which the user could tap to pay for his monthly bills. But that’s not all.

Since it’s a rewards card, users can earn points the more they use it, as long as they pay their bills on time. What’s more, unlike other rewards cards, points you earn using the MVP Rewards Card are as good as cash and have no expiration date. You can choose when, where and how to spend such points, including shopping, settling other bills and, since it doubles as a Visa card, expenses incurred while traveling, say, outside Metro Manila or even abroad.

“MVP Rewards is in a category all its own,” said Manny V. Pangilinan, chairman and CEO of PLDT, during the MVP Rewards’ formal launch at the Makati Shangri-La. “We’ve taken what is best across industries and put it in one powerful program that offers more than just rewards. And the PLDT Group has the unique ability to provide this level of convergence owing to the breadth of our combined services.”

Annette Tirol, PLDT FVP and group head for loyalty and rewards, likens the rewards program as a wallet where a customer can link multiple accounts. Separate rewards programs under PLDT, Smart and its other sister companies have now been consolidated into one card.

“Earning points is as easy as paying your bills on time or loading up,” she said. “Consumers no longer have to worry where points are going or where exactly they can redeem their points. Why? Because their points are automatically credited into one card—a virtual and a physical MVP Rewards Card.”

PLDT is in the process of expanding the use of the card by inviting more merchants and utilities services to join them. One such new entrant is Cignal. Motorists can now also experience faster, almost hassle-free driving by using their MVP Rewards Card at designated Cavitex toll gates.

In fact, not a few people consider such an e-wallet like the MVP Rewards Card better than either a credit card with its annual dues and costly interest rates or even a debit card. By loading only a specific amount equivalent to they’re willing to spend on, not a few consumers believe that the MVP Rewards Card can help them manage their expenses better.

And since its offers rewards, rebates, and tips on the latest sales and discounts around town, your e-cash can go a long way in helping you make wise buying decisions. You earn points, derive convenience while shopping and regulate your expenses all at the same time.

MVP Rewards members, for instance, can also earn more points as good as cash while enjoying 15 percent savings if they subscribe to the PLDT Best Buy Bundle offer—product bundles that enable subscribers to mix and match the best unlimited Internet service from PLDT Home Fibr, LTE from Smart, and Cignal HD TV.—Alex Y. Vergara

(You can sign up for your own MVP Rewards Card and enroll your PLDT Home, Smart, Sun, and TNT accounts at

The almost all-in-one rewards card

The almost all-in-one rewards card




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