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February 5, 2018

Fountain of Youth in a bottle

The handy 500-mg Aivee Water bottle turns ordinary water into hydrogen

Such was the lure of the Fountain of Youth that European explorer Juan Ponce de Leon sailed off to the New World in the 16th century in search of it. Alas, his search, which led him all the way to Florida, proved futile. But that search didn’t die with him. People’s quest for the elusive Continue Reading


August 9, 2016

Kits to Success: Beauty essential tips from women of success



By GIANCARLO LUIGI ROJAS and GREGGY V. VERA CRUZ  Precisely which items are essential for traveling in style? Is it the everyday essentials? Or perhaps, the pretty little things (or jewelry) that can be worn from Manila to any destination? Let’s hear it from these stylish ladies on-the-go, as they name items they just can’t Continue Reading


May 7, 2016

“Mom’s” the Word: The most iconic moms of PeopleAsia


Being a mom is full-time job in itself, but a mom in the limelight requires superhuman strength to keep up with a never ending list of responsibilities. These women of PeopleAsia show us that it’s all possible, and what you need isn’t a cape and a secret identity, but a loving heart and a long, long line of Continue Reading


February 12, 2016

Coosome Twosomes on PeopleAsia


All the days you spend with your significant other should be special, but Valentine’s Day is that one day in the year ultimately devoted just for them. PeopleAsia celebrates this year’s season of love by putting together a list of couples who know how to make everyday feel like Valentine’s Day. Here are some of the coosome twosomes Continue Reading


January 21, 2016

Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo: Beauty Knows No Shortcuts


Living in a quick-fix society may get a patient instant results. However, upon “consulting” this medical specialist, it turns out that, indeed, there is no better
cosmetic for beauty than happiness.