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June 16, 2016

High stakes at PeopleAsia’s favorite steakhouses



Give dad and his diet a free pass on his special day this June with these super succulent steaks in PeopleAsia’s favorite steakhouses in the metro. Toss those salads aside and bring out the steak knives! Stone Grill, House of Wagyu (T-bone steak) Wagyu simply means “Japanese cattle,” rich in unsaturated fat. It is flavorful, very Continue Reading


April 7, 2016

Viva España! Restaurants to make you love our Spanish heritage


495 years ago this month, explorer Ferdinand Magellan and his fleet arrived on the shores of Cebu in the name of the king of Spain. Although most might consider this chapter in our history as the beginning of Spanish rule, there are always different angles to a story, even a story like this one. Paella, Continue Reading