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May 31, 2016

Piolo Pascual: Starting Over Again


He can love me today, he can love me tomorrow. He can love me anytime as long as it’s Piolo Pascual we’re talking about. With his newest hit Love Me Tomorrow that puts him alongside silver screen queen Dawn Zulueta and rising star Coleen Garcia, you’ll be delighted to learn that our Papa P isn’t quitting the biz any time soon. By JOSE PAOLO S. Continue Reading


May 18, 2016

Heroes Among Us: 9 Actors and Actresses That Have Played Superhero Roles


Another superhero blockbuster in the form of X-Men: Apocalypse begins screening in Manila today. There must be something about superheroes Filipinos can’t get enough of. Is it the awesome latex outfits, the superhuman strengths and abilities, or is it the fantasy that maybe, just maybe, superheroes really do walk amongst us in plain sight? Now turn your heads Continue Reading


May 7, 2016

“Mom’s” the Word: The most iconic moms of PeopleAsia


Being a mom is full-time job in itself, but a mom in the limelight requires superhuman strength to keep up with a never ending list of responsibilities. These women of PeopleAsia show us that it’s all possible, and what you need isn’t a cape and a secret identity, but a loving heart and a long, long line of Continue Reading


February 21, 2016

Dawn of a New Day

IMG_0022 copy

By KRISTEL DACUMOS-LAGORZA | There are stars who fade under the light of newer talents. And there are those whose sheer brilliance simply outshines the rest. Award-winning actress Dawn Zulueta is of the latter kind. She is a star, in every sense of the word, and one who has finally found her place in the Continue Reading