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July 31, 2016

A Change of Heart: Heart Evangelista Escudero


It’s common for actors and actresses to explore other types of artistry. The creative spirit they possess is like water coursing through limestone — unstoppable and constantly finding new paths to take. Moreover, for younger talents considered to be “multi-hyphenates,” exploring what’s out there and becoming a master of many trades is a trend that Continue Reading


July 28, 2016

Crown Jewels: Candy, Ginny and Lucille Dizon celebrate Jul


Denise Lim, Candy Dizon, Annabelle Chavez, Lucy Gomez

Candy, Ginny and Lucille — three women who are as lovely as their names that effortlessly land on the ears and escape the lips of those well-versed in the art of luxurious, timeless jewelry. These three ladies are none other than the Dizon women, all related to celebrated jeweler Jul B. Dizon, who continue and Continue Reading