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January 3, 2018

Kris, twice an ex-future bride

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by JOANNE RAE M. RAMIREZ As the famous Kris Aquino line-turned-meme-turned-everyday-expression says, “Love, love, love!” (Kris at the New World Makati Hotel / Photo by Mark Chester Ang)   True enough, the conversation quickly turned to love when Kris was interviewed by PeopleAsia, during which she candidly confirmed that she and Quezon City Mayor Herbert Continue Reading


May 25, 2016

The Queen of Superlatives and The Talk of the Town: Conversations with Kris and Boy


May 25 five years ago marked the end of an era. From September 1985 to May 2011, The Oprah Winfrey Show paved the way for the talk shows genre’s most memorable moments (think: Tom Cruise’s ecstatic couch jumping moment). The Philippines has also witnessed the same in its own way similar. For 16 years, we had Kris Aquino Continue Reading


May 7, 2016

“Mom’s” the Word: The most iconic moms of PeopleAsia


Being a mom is full-time job in itself, but a mom in the limelight requires superhuman strength to keep up with a never ending list of responsibilities. These women of PeopleAsia show us that it’s all possible, and what you need isn’t a cape and a secret identity, but a loving heart and a long, long line of Continue Reading