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August 9, 2016

Kits to Success: Beauty essential tips from women of success



By GIANCARLO LUIGI ROJAS and GREGGY V. VERA CRUZ  Precisely which items are essential for traveling in style? Is it the everyday essentials? Or perhaps, the pretty little things (or jewelry) that can be worn from Manila to any destination? Let’s hear it from these stylish ladies on-the-go, as they name items they just can’t Continue Reading


July 31, 2016

A Change of Heart: Heart Evangelista Escudero


It’s common for actors and actresses to explore other types of artistry. The creative spirit they possess is like water coursing through limestone — unstoppable and constantly finding new paths to take. Moreover, for younger talents considered to be “multi-hyphenates,” exploring what’s out there and becoming a master of many trades is a trend that Continue Reading


June 7, 2016

Work it, girl!


The modern, working woman has better things to do than just sit around and look beautiful. Although she is definitely prettier than ever in this day and age, her beauty digs deeper and surpasses face value. Being empowered, headstrong, decisive, adaptable, intelligent and independent are now all part and parcel of the complete package of the Continue Reading


May 11, 2016

Don’t Make Me Blush! NARS Orgasm is bigger than ever


NARS 2016 Orgasm Blush - open compact with vellum - jpeg

After 17 years of holding their breath, biting their lips and holding the tension, makeup magnate NARS released it all in one, super sized orgasm. That’s right, ladies; beauty favorite blush NARS Orgasm, the #1 blush in the United Staes, just celebrated its anniversary this May and has come out with a special edition of Continue Reading