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September 20, 2016

Giving you more to love about Japanese food: YAYOI comes to Manila


Restaurateurs Yvonne Yao and Jacqueline Gobing are giving Filipinos another word to add to their Japanese food vocabulary and a different way to satisfy their Japanese cravings. Their new restaurant YAYOI is all about teishoku dining — well-balanced set meals that are fresh, filling in all the right ways and of course, delicious! (YAYOI managing Continue Reading


July 1, 2016

Fire Away! Here’s Makati’s newest & fieriest restaurant



The untrained hand that tries to trap fire will only hurt and embarrass itself. But a master of flame, a bonafide disciplinarian of the element, can make it bend and dance at will, extracting its heat and passion to amaze, delight and thrill all those who dare to watch. There’s a place — one that’s Continue Reading


March 28, 2016

A Bout of Passion

Passion Sour dough pizzas

Cooks, chefs and overall food lovers will disagree over many things. Sweet or savory? Hot or cold? Is cooking a science, or an art? The list of points of opposition is longer than you might think, but there is one point of convergence among all of them: the recipes, the measurements, the finest ingredients comprise Continue Reading