October 14, 2016

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13 Ways to Seduce the Object of Your Desire



Time to be creative about the whole thing because there are a lot of studies on sexual arousal and seduction, which we could use to our advantage.  Let’s just make sure that no matter how outrageously creative you try to be, your seduction will still be effective. The suggestions I will be giving are ways to seduce unconsciously.  

Meaning, it’s somewhat subliminal. Your object of desire wouldn’t know that you are seducing him/her, but he/she will be seduced in one way or another.


 1. Human beings associate the color red with sex and romance. Women should use red to attract males.  It would benefit a woman if she were to wear red on her special date with her special man. Men seldom wear red, but if the woman wears red, she doesn’t have to lift a finger, because it is affecting her, too.

 2. For women, men are sensitive to how you speak. Try using softer tones while speaking to him, instead of the usual business-like tone you use in your office.  This is especially so if he is used to hearing you speak in that corporate tone.  Maybe you can put in some melody when you speak. But please, don’t sing.

 3. The way a man speaks can also affect women. Some days, he may be successful in making a girl interested in him. Other times, he may be a failure. That’s because the man doesn’t know the right combination. When he talked to his girl in the past, he might not have noticed, but the pitch of his voice was a bit higher than when he talked with others. He may also have spoken faster, with the intensity of his voice being higher than usual. That is the first phase.  

Then, later, his voice becomes weaker and warmer. The way he speaks becomes slower as well. Next time a guy is with his woman, he can impress her and make her want him more by making sure he follows this pattern.


 4. When males and females feel that their partner imparts a sexual cue, they better make sure to respond.  For example, if a man puts his arms around a woman from behind, the woman should curve her body to accommodate his arms and follow the contour of his body with her back. When the man then feels that the woman responds to his behavior, he reacts by enveloping his arms over the woman’s body and moving his closer to the woman’s head. This becomes a cycle where one responds to the other continuously, making both of them sexually excited in the end.

 5. When a woman speaks to her man in a soft or warm tone, she should try touching him lightly. That would make him more interested in her next move. Light touching has an effect.

 6. Insert sexual fantasies during conversations with your partner. Imagination is a powerful tool in sexual activities.  


 7. Every person has a tinge of narcissism. If used the right way, one can use another person’s narcissism to one’s advantage. Just make your partner feel that he or she is the most important person at the moment, and everything about him or her is wonderful. For instance, if you want your man to be sexually interested, start stroking his muscles. If he is fat, start stroking his tummy, and make him feel that it’s the most exciting thing that you’ve touched in your whole life. Another way is to ask questions that focus only on him. The topic shouldn’t deviate from this.

 8. When you try to sexually stimulate your partner, do not go all the way to the actual sex act. Delay the satisfaction every so often. There is usually a process in lovemaking.  

For example, giving a neck rub to your girl can be a signal to lovemaking. Follow the neck rub by stroking her arms and kissing her neck. It is bound to happen that she makes a cooing sound. You can start with the neck rub, but delay stroking the arm. The anticipation and the waiting increase the excitement.  Chances are, your excitement level will reach greater heights as well in the end. 

CT_The winning moves of James Reid_photo 1

 9. Confidence can be a strong, seducing tactic. This can be expressed with a sturdy voice, your sureness of actions, a steady gaze and other enticing traits.

 10. Openness is a very disarming trait. One does not know when the “open” person is joking, pretending or what he or she is actually verbalizing is true. A woman who speaks the truth and tells a man “your voice is so attractive” will eventually disarm a man and take his attention.

 11. Make sure you are in a place that smells really clean and pleasant. You should smell good as well. Scents can make or break a date.

 12. The more you manifest your gender trait, the more your partner will be interested in you. Being in need of “protection” from a male is a female trait. Thus, a man will be more interested in a woman if she shows that he is the only one who can protect her. Having the need to “protect” is a male trait. Therefore, the more a man shows to his woman that he is protective of her, the more the woman will succumb to his charms.

 13. Last, but definitely not the least, bantering is one way of attracting attention and making someone more interested in you. No one can resist a person who is funny and witty.  


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