October 29, 2016

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The Man & His Cave Time


Now that the long weekend is in full swing, some of you might be spending lots of time taking it easy indoors. Men, read up, and ladies, pick up some ideas from this — take advantage of this respite and and get your break from the world to get that much needed man cave time. Check out our especially prepared man cave tips below:


Nothing looks sexier that a man who has it all together—or at least looks it. Always in control and an expert in managing his time effectively, the modern man is always calm, cool and collected.

However, there is one aspect of time that men often overlook that is just as crucial as being productive and modern—cave time. In order to be the most effective in all areas of one’s life, be it family, career, relationships or as a member in society, each man should know when to make time for one’s self, to de-stress and recharge in the comfort of his own “man cave.”


The steps to ensuring a successful Cave Time:


1. Acknowledge the need to de-stress

As much as we would like to believe otherwise, we are only human. Upon coming home from a long day, oftentimes, our partners, children or loved ones are waiting for us with questions and stories about each other’s day. Do you ever feel irritated at the sound of their voices? Do you ever you feel like escaping but feel guilty for feeling that way? This is absolutely normal. Our brains are supercharged all day, attending to the world’s needs. It then recognizes home as a place to shut down, to de-clutter a full day’s worth of highs and lows. 

2. Communicate the need and reassure

You must remember, the person waiting home for you is showing affection so showing irritation only implies ingratitude. This has been a major issue in most relationships—not communicating how they can support one another without realizing it. Speak to your loved ones. Share how you need their support to allow you some alone time, even for just half an hour or so. Reassure them it is nothing personal but just something you need to de-stress from a long day. 

3. Pick your de-stressor 

It’s that time when some watch TV or read the paper but are not really watching nor reading. Others choose to exercise while others have a drink. Then some simply choose to take a nap. This is your body and brain’s way of decompressing and recharging. 

4. Return revived 

Making a daily habit of this recharging pattern will enhance the quality of your day, your relationships, your life. Once you have recharged, you can then return to your loved ones feeling refreshed and ready to give them your full attention. 

Remember, the time we spend for ourselves determines the quality of our lives and the relationships we share. So spend that precious time wisely.  


10 Grooming Hacks to Swear By


It’s not easy being a guy, especially a guy who knows how girls want them to look like. But it doesn’t have to be that hard either. Here are 10 easy shortcuts to bringing the man out of the cave man. 

1. Use dandruff shampoo as a body wash to easily exfoliate dead skin.

2. Hair conditioner is a great softening agent for “man-scaping.”

3. Use Chapstick or lip balm to soothe dry cuticles or hang nails.

4. For a more defined jawline and angular face, aim for a 5’o clock shadow 

5. Leave shaving cream on for a few minutes to avoid razor burn. To multi-task, leave it on, do your hair, deodorant and the like, until product has taken effect.

6. Use hotel or old toothbrushes with your facial wash to scrub away blackheads.

7. Use regular body lotion to tame frizzy and or curly hair.

8. Only rinse colored hair with cold water to keep color from fading or bleeding. 

9. If you’re acidic or sweat profusely, spray cologne on your clothes rather than skin to smell fresher, longer. 

10. Avoid wearing caps as this raises the hairline leading to early onset of hair loss.

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