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March 11, 2017

Bonding sesssions: L’Oreal Professionnel introduces Smartbond


Smartbond - Packshots copy

Color damage? Fear it no more! L’Oreal Professionnel gives Filipinas the courage to color. L’Oreal breaks ground with the latest in hair color technology with the introduction of hair color additive, Smartbond. Used by professional hair stylists, it gives women — and men! — the freedom to go from manes as dark as midnight to platinum blonde bobs and anything and everything Continue Reading


August 14, 2016

13 Truths I Learned from life



By BUM D. TENORIO JR. Positively charged. That’s who and what I am. Life taught me to be like that. I am a blessing hunter because life taught me to never be lackadaisical in finding a miracle or two, big or small, wherever I am, whatever I do. Even in my dreams I hunt for Continue Reading


June 1, 2016

For they say that when you marry in June…



… you’re a bride all your life. The month of June has long been thought of as an auspicious time for weddings. Named after Juno, the Greek goddess of love and marriage, June brides are thought to be the luckiest of them all. This of course is only a saying easily pushed aside, and brides wed at Continue Reading


February 12, 2016

Coosome Twosomes on PeopleAsia


All the days you spend with your significant other should be special, but Valentine’s Day is that one day in the year ultimately devoted just for them. PeopleAsia celebrates this year’s season of love by putting together a list of couples who know how to make everyday feel like Valentine’s Day. Here are some of the coosome twosomes Continue Reading